FIP 2020

International Fair 2020

After the suspension of this edition of the International Fair as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis (read notification), Fuengirola transferred the event to social media during the initially scheduled days (from April 29th to May 3rd) and created the Facebook group "FIP Fuengirola En Casa".

The main objective of this initiative was to keep alive the spirit of the Fuengirola International Fair, making the multiculturalism that Fuengirola boasts come to homes around the world. People at home learned interesting and curious details about the culture from each of the 33 countries participating in this event.

The group created for the event gathered more than 3,500 users and exceeded 27,500 reaches, obtaining the publications of the days of the event more than 21,500 reactions among the participants. In total, 473 publications of different themes were registered (Gastronomy: 58; Live performances: 58; Parades: 56; Crafts: 38; Presentations: 35; Publications from previous editions: 20; Regional dances: 17; Parties: 11; Event based: 8; Proposed challenges: 4; Rememorance: 4)

What's New

To continue enjoying the spirit of this festival, each day, through the Facebook group and with the tag #FIPFuengirolaEnCasa, the participating countries shared themed multimedia material related to gastronomy, crafts or folklore.

Organizers and dealers were joined by citizens who actively collaborated by uploading videos, photo collages and other multimedia content.


Although this year there wasn't a live Parade, Friday May 1 was set to be the parade day in social media.


Wednesday April 29th

Presentation of the participating countries

Thursday April 30th


Friday May 1st

Parade and folk

Saturday May 2nd


Sunday May 3rd


From FTV (local television) they advertised the event.


The countries and regions participating in this FIP event were: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hawaii, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela.

Although it was not an official participant, Serbia was one of the countries from previous editions that was most active during the event.

International Fair 2020