FIP 1999

V International Culture Fair

V International Culture Fair

The 5th edition of the People's Fair took place on the third weekend of March 1999 and was attended by almost twenty countries and autonomous communities.

That year the parade left on Saturday at 12 from the Plaza de la Constitución to go through the Avenida de la Estación, Avenida Juan Gómez "Juanito" and Avenida Jesús Santos Rein until reaching the Fairgrounds.

This year Aragon (Peña Siete Días), Argentina (Peña Zalea), Asturias (Peña Séneca), Brazil (Partido Popular), Castile and Leon (Peña Cepyme), Cuba (Peña Nuevas Amistades), Finland (Peña Bolichera) , Galicia (Peña Los Caballistas), Germany (Peña La Tajá), Malaga (Peña Los Andaluces), Mexico (Peña Comparsa), Morocco (Peña Diana), Norway (Peña Contrast) and Peru (Peña Apalanque) participated with their own stand , and Sweden, Denmark and Iceland were represented (in the Spanish-Nordic stand at Peña Coliflor Cú Cú) and Switzerland, Italy, France, Ireland, Wales and England (in the international stand at Peña Taurina) as well as the Basque Country, with two folk groups.

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